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We are an affiliate of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), founded in October of 2019. We are roughly two dozen members strong most of whom mainly reside in the areas of SE Idaho, SW Montana, and NW Utah coming together to promote and preserve this wonderful breed known as the Aussie. As one of the most versatile breed of dogs around, most of us participate in a variety of disciplines/venues with our dogs. Whether it be Conformation, Herding, Farm Trials, Tracking, Agility, Obedience, Rally, Search and Rescue, or Animal Assisted Therapy Work, the Australian Shepherd is truly the dog that can do it all! Have a look around, as we grow and expand we will be adding more info to the site, so check back frequently as to what is on the horizon.


To welcome new members.

We encourage anyone who loves dogs and dog sports to come join us! As all breeds are able to participate in any venue we offer except Conformation - that is specific to Australian Shepherd's only.

To provide variety of educational opportunities.

As an ASCA affiliate, GemSt ASC is required to hold at

least one education even each year.

Including but not limited to:

*Genetics of the Aussie

*Seminar on canine structure and movement

*Workshop on the ASCA breed standard

*Stock Dog Clinics

*Handling Clinics

*Tracking Clinic

*Performance Workshops

*Introduction to Scent Work 

To support and encourage members to participate in various competitions.

For 2020, being a newly formed club GemStASC has 3 Conformation shows planned with the fall one to include obedience & rally.

For 2021 and beyond we are hopeful to add agility, stock and possibly tracking and/or scent work.

Current Officers:

Affiliate Rep - Leah Otto

President - Holly Jossi

Vice President - Hailey Gneiting

Secretary/Treasurer - Donalyn Shock

Show Coordinator - Lisa Pope

Directors - Sherrie Scott, Katelyn Scott-Peart & Kirstin Christensen

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